Pandit Vidur Mallick and Pt. Prem Kumar Mallick
Pandit Vidur Mallick and Pt. Prem Kumar Mallick

Late Pandit Vidur Mallick

Born in the Amta village of Darbhanga in 1935, Pandit Bidur Mallik inherited the dhrupad music from his father Lt. Pandit Sukhdev Mallick, renowned musician. He was the descendent of Late Pt. Radha krishna, the elder of the two brothers who started the musical tradition of the Darbhanga tradition. The King of Darbhanga decorated the family with the title “Mallick” because of the marvelous impact of the divine musical practice of their ancestors.

Pandit Bidur Mallick popularized Dhrupad by his concerts and workshops, and performed widely in India and abroad. He was a 'TOP' grade artist of All India Radio and Doordarshan. Together with his sons and the Pakhawaj player, Pt. Ramji Upadhyaya, he visited Europe for the first time in 1983 during a Dhrupad festival organized by Peter Pannke in cooperation with the International Institute for Comparative Music Studies and Documentation. He was a regular performer at Germany, England, Holland, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, France, Spain, USA etc.

He founded a Dhrupad Gurukul named Pandit Sukhdeo Mallik Sangeet Samiti , a music school in the name of his father and Guru in Vrindawan, the centre of Krishna worship and home town of Dhrupad near Delhi. In 1983, Panditji accepted the position of Dhrupad Acharya in the Brajakala Gurukul run by Sri Caitanya Prem Sansthan,Vrindawan. He ave training to many students including foreigners who learned the Dhrupad music of Darbhanga gharana according to “Guru-Shisya” parampara (tradition), today many of them are an established musician. His Contribution in popularizing the Ancient Classical music Dhrupad can be seen by his good number of disciples all over the world.

A book called “The Darbhanga Tradition-Dhrupada in the School of Pandit Vidur Mallik” by Selina Thielemann was published for the Education and research purpose on Dhrupad. He was also featured in the documentary movie “Dhrupad Parampara”.

Apart from being a great Vocalist, he was also a great composer; he made several compositions in Rare Ragas with Swami Haridas & Mia Tansen pada. He was felicitated with many prestigious awards for his excellent music and for his contribution in the Dhrupad & its popularity in India as well as abroad. The great Maestro left the Music world in the year 2002, leaving behind his huge family, Sons, grandsons & many talented students but his presence is always there in the music of Darbhanga Gharana.

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